we are.

V4ensics is a company founded by a group of professionals, who are passionate about information security, digital forensics, malware analysis and threat hunting.

The team’s members share years of expertise in information security, personal data protection, digital forensics, malware analysis, threat hunting, open-source intelligence, e-crime, and expert witness testimony.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel.

The company aims to assist corporate and individual entities in handling any information-technology associated incident and realizing its severity and root causes.

In this context, the company’s team dwells deep into every assignment and is keen on providing qualitative services, whose results would be invaluable for v4ensics customers.

An all-in-one security partner.

V4ensics team is committed to helping its customers secure their systems, avoid technical and legal pitfalls, mitigate the impact of cyber-related crises, handle information security incidents, and investigate various cyber-assisted crimes that are committed against them, e.g., frauds, thefts of intellectual property rights, etc.

As a result, V4ensics improves V4ensics customers operational capacity and hardens their systems to minimize information technology exposure risks. 


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