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Digital Forensics

Has the security of your organization been breached? Has your organization be defrauded? V4ensics experts will assess the situation, acquire and analyze necessary digital evidence, so that they uncover the nature and the extent of the incident, identifying (a) what actually occurred, (b) “where”, when and how it occurred and, if possible, who is responsible for it. Depending on the level of the provided service, V4ensics team will prepare specialized reports destined for management, for technical teams, and even for judicial and regulatory authorities.


Incident Response

Is your organization undergoing a critical cyber security incident? V4ensics experts collaborate with your teams and assist you in order to handle the event, determine and isolate the affected systems, acquire / preserve required digital evidence by following internationally accepted digital evidence handling principles  (to be used in case a digital forensics investigation is deemed necessary) and facilitate business continuity.


Malware Analysis

Are you aware of any malicious artifact in your premises that you want to be analyzed? V4ensics experts can perform static or dynamic analysis of the artifact, reverse engineer the malware and provide you with a deep insight on what it does, how it functions, which methods it uses, what vulnerabilities it exploits, and help you in any remediating actions, which need to be taken either to defend systems against the malware’s  payload or to mitigate the consequences in case of a relevant malware infection.


Expert witness testimony

Do you have a case in the courts of law, which involves digital evidence and requires expert witness testimony? V4ensics experts can address your needs by preparing an expert witness / digital forensics report, which  answers questions that relate to the case. The report can be the outcome of digital forensics analysis, which is performed on digital evidence that have not been prior analyzed, or of  “cross-examination” of an existing expert witness / digital forensics report. Upon producing the report and submission of it to the courts of law (as part of the case brief), V4ensics experts, depending on the case needs, appear as an expert witness in the courts of law, in order to testify on the results of the submitted report and answer questions of a “technical” nature that relate to the respective assigned case.


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